We aim to become an extension of our clients workshops, so that they can offer their clients a complete solution.

Our operations consist of one of the most comprehensive machine shops in the country. Our Machining facilities consist of Lathes, Milling Machines, V-Bore, H-Bores, Gantry Mill and Slotters. The facility also offers multiple machines in each category and in various sizes. Within the facility we also offer fabrication and re-engineering facilities.

Manufacturers, re-engineering and re-conditioning of the following products:
Gearboxes – all types | Fans – all types | Coal Injection Machines | Crushers | Paddle Mixers | Star Feeders | Bearing Housings | Barges | Motor Unit Gears | Gas Boosters | Valves | Screw Jacks | Railway Equipment | Placer Mules | Structural


Our mission is to run our business with a complete focus on service to the customer. Every person in our company, from top management on down, must keep sight of the customer as our most important asset. We are committed to practice our business in a fair, honest, and ethical manner in all dealings with customers, suppliers and employees.


Quality  | Commitment | Technical support | Service | Ethical & Social  Responsibility

The company seeks to achieve continued growth by the creation of long term relationship with our customers. We will support our customers by committing our-selves to provide:

A consistently good quality product that meets and surpasses the customer’s requirements.

A friendly and efficient response to our customer needs.

Expertise and technical support for all the products we re-engineer, manufacture and supply.

Intelligent Management system and Modern Technology to meet the most demanding challenges.

Conducting all our business activities in an ethical, honest and professional manner and accept our social responsibilities in all aspects of our business.



We offer our clients a full compliment of machining capabilities. We are able to machine parts from a couple of grams to 40 tons. Whether it is turning, or milling we can offer you the right machine for the right job.

All our artisans write their own programmes and can operate multiple machines. We offer our clients an array of v-bores, h-bores, lathes and milling machines. We are well equipped for mass manufacturing as well as for one off items.


You must be assured that all your information is treated as confidential at all times.

We understand that issuing your designs and drawings to any body these days carries a risk.

We want to reassure our clients that we will treat all your information with the utmost confidentiality.

About us

We are a well established engineering works that has been operating since 1977. Its founding member, Mr V.G. Mouratidis, was a hands on operator and was involved in the daily running of the company until he passed away a couple of years ago.

His philosophy, which he passed to all that worked for him, was that there was no compromise on quality and that the company would always assist it’s clients as best as possible.

We are still a predominantly family owned company and we still manage it’s daily operations. Now with Mr. V.G. Mouratidis’s eldest sons George and Alex co-managing the company, even more emphasis can be placed on quality.

Further-more we have a management team who are involved in the business on a daily basis. This “hands on” involvement of management and the foundation of the 25 years of experience of  Mr. V.G. Mouratidis’s  in the engineering industry largely contributes to our success.

Working together with all stakeholders, committing resources to achieve common goals and objectives.

Being honest, open, fair and trustworthy.

Being the preferred supplier by providing superior services and products at the right time and place at the best cost.

Being a concerned, socially aware organization that cares about its people, customers, partners and the environment by treating all with dignity, respect and fairness.

Embracing fairness, justice, diversity and equality in our dealings with all.

We have a dynamic company with a steady growth pattern. We will guarantee our customers the best price with the best service and the delivery of a world class product.

Premises & Workshop Facilities

D.C. Technical Services owns its own premises, the facilities that we are are as follows:

  • Total property size : 14 850 sqm
  • Boiler shop : 586 sqm
  • Machine and fitting shop: 4500 sqm
  • Eco-friendly washing bay ( a first in our area ): 55 sqm
  • Admin offices: 214 sqm

Measuring Equipment:

Outside Micro Meters 0 – 1000 mm
Inside Micro Meters 0 – 1000 mm
Verniers  0.500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm
High Gauge 600mm – 1000mm
All our measuring equipment is calibrated according to our Quality Manual.
The boiler shop is also fully equipped with all the necessary equipment.

Keep in touch

19c Michelin Street, Vanderbijlpark, NW7

Contact us directly to request a quotation on the services your require.

We are accredited by SABS and now fully comply to ISO 9001:2008 – Certificate Number LS 4554