Re-engineering & Fabrication

We have over the past 50 years accumulated a wealth of experience in reconditioning and re-engineering  clients equipment to suit their needs in a more effective and economic manner.

We have also incorporated an environmentally friendly stripping bay to ensure that our clients feel confident that their old oils do not contaminate the environment. This bay is lined with stainless steel and when it is full the oil is collected and certified that it has been recycled responsibly.

Through the years the corporation has developed a culture of rendering only the finest quality and service to our clients. This is an ongoing process, since perfection can only be achieved through continuation. Production and process facilities have increased and developed to an exceptional standard. We are ISO certified to 180 9001/2015.

Re-engineering Facilities

Our machines are regularly maintained in order to insure minimum down time and higher accuracy all the time.

Re-Engineering Process

Strip and clean | MPI or Die pen all parts to check for cracks | Check gearbox housings for straightness on our granite tables | Supply an itemised quote indicating material cost and labour costs separately

We also offer a fabrication facility for parts up to 5 tons. We do more specialised fabrications and mostly it would include machining.
Previous Fabrications: Impellers, gearbox housings, booms, paddle mixers, double flap valves, coal injection machines, fans, winches, winders, bearing housings.

We have designed, manufactured and reconditioned several railway equipment. We manufacture our own range of sleeper tongs, weld shears, cutoff saws and gauges.

Spring Descalers

We design the spring descaler in order to automise the cleaning of all the different types of springs, that are used int he railways. You can clean 4 springs at a time and all the operator must do is insert the springs in the machine and press the button.


Concrete sleeper tongs | Sleeper tongs | Lifting jacks – recon only | Track gauges | Weld shears | Cutoff saws

We can accommodate our clients every need when it comes to retrofitting a container. You can choose from high end finished to basic conversions.

Typical Retrofits:

X- Ray exposure labs | Bitchemin decanting plant | Offices | Sleeping quater | Equipment housing

Typical Accessories:

Windows | Doors | Airconditioning units | Isolation | Partitioning | Electrical connection | Water connection | Furniture | The containers can still be shipped after the retrofitting.

We also offer a small assembly/reconditioning facility. We generally assemble items that are fabricated and machined in house.

Previous Experience:  Fans | Bearing housings up to 1,5 tons | Gearboxes up to 14 tons | Actuators Railway axles | Traction units | Clamp Assymblies | Winchies | Winders up to 48 tons | Grabs | Gas Boosters | Double flap valves | Coal injection machines  | Railway bogie lifting equipment

We have manufactured and assembled winders, with a drum diameter of 5 000 mm. Their wight was 42 tons and required some specialised machining. The shaft and coupling had to have hexagons machined so that we could avoid having keys and keyways, The drums were fabricated in 2 halves and joined with fitted bolts. We also manufacture smaller winders and winches according to customer specifications. We have an arrangement with a design engineer and he handles all our design work.

More About Our Products / Experience

All of the following items have been reconditioned, manufactured and supplied by D.C. Technical Services

Worm, Spiral Bevel, Helical, Double Helical, High Speed, Crane, Traction Units, Motor-geared Units and Planetary

D.C Technical Services has the capabilities to manufacture, recondition and re-engineer any type of gearbox. Gearboxes can either be cast or fabricated depending on the type of gearbox. Over the years we have accumulated a vast experience in gearboxes.

Specific emphasis is placed on gear materials and processes needed to manufacture all types of gears.All gearboxes received for reconditioning go through an extensive evaluation procedure including the inspection of the casing for straightness. This is done on a granite inspection table.

Gas Booster Fans, Air Fans & Gas Boosters

D.C Technical Services has been manufacturing and especially modifying fans for the past 35 years. Our clients typical requirements are to reduce vibrations and minimise breakdowns. Most of our clients fans operate either at great heights or in very confined spaces. Typical modifications are either structural or mechanical and most of our clients require both. We also manufacture impellers and complete fans.

Various options are available depending on the application of the fans. Different coatings and sealings arrangements are available depending on the gases that are being processed.

Complete manufacture and reconditioning. Manufacturing of impellers is done inhouse. Testing facilities are available for up to a 100 KW motor.

Complete Manufacture & Reconditioning

D.C. Technical Services offers the industry a heavy duty coal injection machine with various features to enhance the life span of this machine. A light duty rotary vain or star feeder is also available.

Due to certain of its features the least expensive parts era replaced when this item is reconditioned, making it a logical choice for the long run. All our machines allow for adjusting as the rotor wears and only when this adjusting is exhausted does the client need to send it for refurbishment.

For clients that want to refurbish or modify other makes of machines we are able to offer them our assistance.

D.C. Technical Services will also design and manufacture this type of equipment for clients that have special requirements.

Specific size and Roll Crushers. Coal, Coke and Stone Crushers.

D.C Technical Services has been reconditioning, re-engineering and manufacturing crushers for the past 20 years. On several crushing plants the units have also been modified in order to assist customers with longer life spans and easier replacements of rolls and other spares. Materials on the strikers and rolls are generally upgraded to achieve this.

Our workshops and experience allows us to assist clients with any type or make of crushers. We have assisted clients with their specific size crushing plant to increase the life span of their cage crushers to six months. This plant has two crushers producing 250 tons each per hour.

We manufacture our own range of bearing housings that includes a bi-directional bearing housing.

D.C. Technical Services have been involved in the design and manufacturing of all types of bearing housings for the past 35 years. For our standard range of bearing housings we have patterns and there in always spares available for each clients configuration. We do not use cast iron and we only use cast steel for the bodies. This however increases the life expectancy of a bearing housing by four times.

The bearing housings were specifically designed to reduce vibrations and operating temperatures of the bearings. Due to the internal design current clients are now greasing their bearings in specific grams per cycle.

A dual directional bearing housing is also available which is normally used in specific size crushing equipment. This means that two shafts can be installed in one bearing housing but the shafts are able to turn in opposite directions.

D.C. Technical Services can also manufacture or fabricate large bearing housings according to customer specifications.

Linear, Electro-mechanical and Mechanical.

D.C. Technical Services offers the industry a selection of mechanical actuators of upto 100 tons. We offer our clients a variety of options in order to ensure that the actuators meet their exact needs. Some of the choices are couplings and clevices. The clients also have a choice whether the housing are made from stainless steel or cast steel. The length of the spindle is also custom made to our clients requirements. The maximum length of the spindle we can manufacture is 8 000mm long.

D.C. Technical Services also recondition= and modifies any brand of actuators. Actuators can also be modified or manufactured with ball screws for greater accuracy and longer life.



Jack Screws

We manufacture our own range of Jack screw.

We are capable of reconditioning any brand of lifting screw.

Full overview of our reconditioning & re-engineering capabilities

Fabrication | Assembly  |  Winders & Winches  |  Container Retrofitting  |  Railway Equipment  |  GearBoxes (All Types)  |  Coal Injection Machines  |  Actuators  |  Fans  |  Crushers  |  Water Filter Assemblies  |  Rope Drums & Rolls  |  Double & Single Flap Valves  |  Bogie Assemblies  | Industrial Grabs  |  Bearing Housings  |  Lifting Jacks  |  Paddle Mixers  |  Star Feeders  |  Barges  |  Motor Unit Gears  |  Placer Mules  |  Gas Boosters  | Gearbox Testing with and without load  |  MPI testing facilities  |  Metal Stitching  |  Micro Welding  |   Ton m travel) overhead crane.  

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